Challenge Community Service's vision is that people everywhere in

Margaret Jurd College is a registered, non-government alternative option for young people who may not have been able to engage with mainstream secondary education.

Support Coordinators skilled at coordinating a wide range of funded, mainstream and informal supports and provide all three levels of NDIS support coordination:

The Disability Trust supports people with disabilities and their families.

The service will support and advocate for suspects/defendants, witnesses and victims of crime.

What will Justice Advocacy Service (JAS) provide for people with cognitive impairment?

Alcohol and drug inpatient unit and outpatient service. Supporting people in Inner Sydney as well as from wider NSW.

The Detoxification Unit at the Herbert Street Clinic is an 11 bed, 7 day / 24 hour, inpatient unit at Royal North Shore Hospital.

An App, Training & Support to help build your skills and capacity to self-manage and plan managed participants of the NDIS and/or those persons that support the person with their plan.

Disability Support Services in the Port Stephens area.

The C-Pen Exam Reader pen scanner is a major technological breakthrough for anyone wanting to read English, Spanish, French, Italian and German exam questions.