Community Directory

Family Court Mediation Service

Assisting separating and separated parents to make appropriate residence and contact arrangement for their children

Interrelate Family Centres

Interrelate provides services that strengthen and support all of the relationships in your life – with yourself, your partner, your family, your children and during life’s transitions such as becoming …

Nova for Women and Children

Nova for Women and Children is the amalgamation of Eva's Project, Lower Hunter Women's Housing and Eastlake's Women's and Children's Refuge.

Family Support Newcastle

Family Support Newcastle promotes healthy, resilient children and young people growing in flourishing families in just and strong communities.

The Lyndon Community

Lyndon is a non-government organisation, offering a range of live-in and community-based programs and activities, with a focus on your needs, in a non-judgemental manner in a supportive environment.

Child and Family Health Team

specialises in the assessment and management of development and behavioural issues of young children. Includes Occupational Therapists, Paediatric Medical Staff, Psychologists, Social Worker, Speech Pathologists and Administration.

Katakudu Women's Housing Inc

Katakudu is a small organisation that supports women, with or without accompanying children, a high percentage of who are escaping domestic violence and have other support issues.

Creative Times - Reconnect

Samaritans supports children and their families going through challenging times in Newcastle.

The website is Australia's online child care portal.

Red Frog for Families

Red Frog for Families is a family business that seeks to help other families to thrive within the challenges of family members with disabilities, poor health, or learning difficulties.