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Ability Links is a free service promoting inclusion in the community. This NSW State Government initiative works in two ways: by supporting people with disabilities, their families and carers to fulfil their dreams and goals, and by linking with businesses and organisations in the community to make shared spaces physically and socially accessible.

Whether your goal is to take part in sport, education, volunteering, or other activities, you remain at the centre of decision making about how you want to lead your life.

Linkers have strong local knowledge and work alongside communities, supporting them to be welcoming and inclusive.

Linkers can help you to:

  • find ways to be a part of your local community
  • set goals and plan for your future
  • build confidence to achieve your dreams
  • develop your existing support networks and create new networks.

Linking with everyone

Linkers work with all people and communities, including people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and Aboriginal communities. Linkers will support you to be part of your local and extended community.

You can contact a Linker whenever you need to, and in a way that suits you.

The role of a Linker is to provide short-term support to achieve a particular outcome.

Linkers can be contacted again in the future if another goal is identified or further support or information is needed.

Ability Links NSW also recognises that children with disability and their families have specific and unique needs around the time of diagnosis. Early Linkers support families to use informal and community supports. 

We also understand that Aboriginal people require flexible and culturally appropriate supports. Ability Links NSW offers the choice of an Aboriginal Linker if that's right for you.

Who can use Ability Links NSW?

Ability Links NSW is for:

  • people with disability aged 0 to 64 years
  • carers and families of people with disability.

Individual, clubs, groups and businesses can also access Ability Links NSW for information and support on inclusion of people with disability.

There is no formal assessment process or referral that you need to meet in order to use Ability Links NSW.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. Ability Links is a free program.

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