Family Law Court

Getting Help: * Services that help people with particular needs, for example: legal, dispute resolution including counselling, translations. * Separation and Divorce When, where and how to get a divorce. Information on legal issues around separation. * Family Violence What family violence is and how it affects others. How the Courts deal with family violence. * Children's Matters How to make arrangements for children during and after separation. How separation affects children. About Going to Court * What happens at Court. Forms, publications and information about the family law courts system. * Property and Money Matters How to divide property and assets, including spousal maintenance and superannuation. * Appeals When, where and how to appeal against a court decision. * Court Orders What court orders are and how to follow, change and/or enforce them.* Communities & Individuals Specific information for people from Indigenous, regional, rural or culturally diverse backgrounds or with disabilities. Opening Hours: 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday

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