Newcastle Buses Public Protest - March 18 - Gregson Park, Hamilton

There will be a public protest in Gregson Park, Hamilton on the 18th of March to protest the destruction of Newcastle's bus system. Since Newcastle's Buses  became privately operated by Keolis Downer, the quality of public transport has seriously deteriorated, especially for the elderly, students and the disabled who depend on public transport.The changes have resulted in longer journey times, and having to use multiple buses on many routes that previously only required one. Many outlying areas have had there services substantially cut.

Keolis Downer's claim that they have added over a thousand new services is such an obviously lie and can be easily proven so. Dividing a bus route into 3 or more separate services does not mean more services have been created. If this logic was sound everyone would be cutting up $20 notes into 3 and claiming they had $60.  That is not smart, it is stupid, and the people of the Hunter region who depend on public transport are not so easily fooled.

If you rely on public transport, have family or know anyone who relies on public transport, it is important that you attend this meeting.

Sunday, March 18, 2018


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