Newcastle City Farmers Market

Newcastle City Farmers Markets are held at the Newcastle Showground and are on most Sundays.

WHEN you go to the Newcastle City Farmers Market at the Broadmeadow Showground you have an unique opportunity to interact directly with our farmers, producers and artisans. Where else but at ‘The Farmers’ can you buy groceries direct from the farmer -  from the person who grew, nurtured and made the product.  At the weekly farmers market you not only get to meet the maker and the farmer, you can ask about how and where it’s grown or made, how best to store or use it. Newcastle City Farmers Market is an independently run company that over the past 20 years has incubated small business and introduced and supported many new farmers and artisans in a great  market atmosphere unrivaled by any in NSW. The produce and products available at the Farmers & Makers Market currently includes: Organic and conventionally grown/prepared foods including lamb, beef, pork, goat, chicken, duck, trout, salmon, oysters, eggs, salamis, charcuterie, pate, terrines, cured meats. Fruit and vegetables. Hand crafted patisserie delights. Hand made pasta. Cheese - goat, sheep and dairy cheeses organic and conventional. Milk, yoghurt, cream. Goats Milk Preserved foods including jams, sauces, chutneys, chillies, herbs Cakes, biscuits, slices, home made pies sausage rolls and pasties, French pastries, German pretzels, cakes and biscuits, Greek cakes and biscuits, quesadillas, Coloumbian food, Lebanese food, Tibetan food.  Hot breakfasts, brunches and lunches. Olive oil, stuffed olives, tapénades, infused oils. Chai Tea. Spices. Wines Gourmet coffee, teas and cordials Handmade chocolates Nuts, dried fruits, breakfast cereals, health food bars, antipasta. Organic sourdough and breads Handmade high quality kids/baby clothing Handmade boys clothing. Handmade quilts, weaving, sewen products. Hemp clothing and skin care products. Orange Juice. Ladies handmade clothing. Wooden Toys Handcrafted bread boards Fair Trade Products Handcrafted Soaps and beauty products Lavender Products When it comes to arts and crafts you will find the Hunter's biggest gathering of artisans. There are blacksmiths and jewellery makers, painters, photographers, toy makers, fibre and paper artists and more. You will also find plenty of stalls selling gifts, from Fair Trade products through to educational toys and books along with beautiful hand-made soaps and beauty products.

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