Gorman Unit

Alcohol and drug inpatient unit and outpatient service. Supporting people in Inner Sydney as well as from wider NSW. The team consists of nurses, doctors, social workers, psychologists, counsellors, aboriginal worker and consumer worker.

The inpatient treatment program usually runs for five to seven days, and you are supported by our specialist staff 24/7. Outpatient services are designed to help support you in the community by providing treatment planning, assessment, ambulatory withdrawal, relapse prevention, and counselling.



Herbert Street Detox

The Detoxification Unit at the Herbert Street Clinic is an 11 bed, 7 day / 24 hour, inpatient unit at Royal North Shore Hospital. The unit provides medically supervised withdrawal management from alcohol and drugs along with an educational/therapeutic program which includes groups and case management. Provision of comprehensive medical and psychiatric assessment as well as aftercare planning are also a core component of the program.

Youth Drug and Alcohol Clinical Services

Youth Drug and Alcohol Clinical Services is free and a voluntary service that offers clinical interventons to young people aged up to and including 18 years of age who have moderate to servere substance use problems. The service assists with; stabilsation and reduction of drug and/or alcohol usage, improving health outcomes, linking and referrals to other service providers and reducing risk of relapse.  

Drug Arm NSW

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Drug ARM Australasia is a for-purpose organisation committed to reducing the harms of alcohol and other drug use. At our core is a passion to reduce the damaging effects of alcohol and other drugs on physical, mental and spiritual health.