Christians against Poverty

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Australia is a charity that is releasing Australians from debt and poverty through professional debt counselling, practical services and financial education. Help Line: 1300 227 000 Who We Are As the only charitable provider of free debt management in Australia, CAP exists to address the problem of poverty and social exclusion caused by over-indebtedness. Our unique 'hands on' approach empowers people to help themselves to get out of poverty and to be released from the fear, oppression and worry generated by overwhelming debt. We are providing sustainable poverty relief as our service teaches clients vital budgeting skills that will last a lifetime. CAP's services are provided through a network of outreach centres in partnership with local churches, restoring hope and dignity to thousands of Australians overwhelmed by the burden of unmanageable debt. CAP is now a fast-paced, growing organisation whose vision is to answer the national problem of debt by having at least one CAP Centre in every major town and city in Australia by the year 2021. If you would like to know more about the life transforming work of Christians Against Poverty, order your free copy of the book 'Nevertheless' - this is John Kirkby's story of the adventure of starting CAP.

Phone: 02 4914 0500/1300 227 000